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Coming in 2019

The Dove and the Lone Eagle

Fritz is back, and he's following Charles Lindbergh across the Atlantic, non stop from New York to Paris. 

The smart little white dove flies to Little Falls Minnesota just in time to save little Charles and his family from a house fire. From that moment on, Fritz watches over young Charles all the way through life until his historic landing in Paris. 

Planet Ocean

Imagine two boys building a  rocket ship and flying  it into space. If that sounds fantastic, you should see what lies in store for Eric Clay after his father and the rest of the crew of the great submarine Cyclops go missing. Eric and his family stand on the threshold of the greatest adventure of all time. But how much adventure can one family endure? Find out in this high adventure in deep space and deep ocean.

For kids of all ages. . . 9 - 100!

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I absolutely loved the book! It presents such a great dilemma for young adults to think about critically: drop everything and go live on another planet or stay on planet Earth and try to make it better. I had a tough time putting the book down, as I wanted to know what happened in the end! I would highly recommend to any student who has big dreams, whether that be traveling to the depths of the ocean or to outer space.

Marcia B.

Albert's Light-Beam

Why can’t you go faster than the speed of light?

How do you explain E=MC2

Why does time slow down the faster you fly through space? 

The answers are all here in this fantasy dialogue between a little boy named Albert Einstein, his little sister Maja, and a talking white dove named Fritz.

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1889 two men rode out into the night to murder and butcher an Indiana farm family. After almost a hundred years, the dead have come back to haunt the innocent.

Bill, Diane Barnes, and their daughter Mary have moved into a house built on the sight of the old massacre, and they have brought a haunted past to a haunted house. It involves this lifetime and two previous lifetimes.

One man, John McCauley, can help them. But John has a haunted past too, and it involves his relationship with the man who ordered the old mass murder.

Based on a real life spirit channeling.

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Children With White Knuckles

Children With White Knuckles tells about the mad love affair between a handsome man, a beautiful woman, the birth of an adorable baby daughter, and two grandparents stuck on the sidelines wondering how it all went so wrong.

This is not about children but about adults who have survived childhood and are still haunted by the sins of their elders.

If you care about all our children even after they’re grown, this is your story.

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