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It's October, 1962. The Russians have installed ballistic missiles in Cuba, and they are aimed at the United States. Our white dove, Fritz and his friends are on a mission to stop WW III, and this mission--MUST. . . NOT . . . FAIL.

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The worst pandemic in over a century is raging around the world. On top of it all is a pandemic of hate, fear, and ignorance. A young man with Asberger's syndrome may hold the key to a cure.


Fritz is back, and this time he has taken on way more than he can handle. He is trying to stop deployment of the atom bomb. History remembers that he fails. But there is hope for the future, and that hope lies in the iron will of a brave little girl living in Hiroshima, Japan. 

This is the third in a series of Fritz's adventures as he tries to teach science and history to people of all ages. 

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Below is an excerpt:

Chapter 1

Outside Alamogordo, New Mexico

July 16, 1945 . . . 5:15 a.m.

Lightning cracked the dome of black sky and flooded the desert floor with a silver glow. A single automobile occupied the black ribbon of road winding through the open wilderness. Torrential rain and wind battered the rusty old Chevy two-seat coupe as Alice Crenshaw leaned over the steering wheel and squinted past the windshield wipers slapping rain off the glass at the narrow beams of headlights shining on the wet road. 

Alice almost ran off the road at a curve because she could barely see through the storm. A flash of lightning painting red spots in front of her eyes and a clap of thunder rattling her nerves didn’t help the matter at all. As soon as she found a wide shoulder to park on, she pulled over and stopped. Finally, the rain ended, and Alice rolled down her window to cool off the inside of the stuffy old car.

The silence and the cool air brought Tony awake. He sat up, looked around and asked, “Where are we?”

“I’m not sure,” said Alice. “We’re headed north.”

Suddenly there was a flurry of feathers and a loud pounding of wings against the ceiling inside the car. A white dove shouted, “Get out of here. Start the car and get away from this place.”

Tony and his mother held up their hands and arms to ward off the attack of wings and feathers. Alice screamed. Tony kept his arms up and said nothing.

“Did you hear me?” said the bird. “I said, ‘Get out of here.’”

“Who are you?” said Tony.

“I am Fritz,” said the bird. “And you are in great danger. They have already started the count down. In a very few moments this place will become a living hell.”

Tony and Alice tried to speak but only looked slack jawed at each other.

“Get out of here,” shouted Fritz.

Alice turned on the ignition switch on the dashboard and stepped on the clutch pedal. Then she stomped on the starter pedal beside the accelerator to start the engine. The engine turned over and over, but it would not fire.

“All right!” shouted Fritz. “Everybody get down on the floor. Roll up those windows and get on the floor. Cover your eyes.”

Before they could react to Fritz’s command, Alice and Tony were blinded by a brilliant white light that seemed to wipe out the image of everything and everybody around them. They saw no shadows; they only saw bright light painting their bodies and the inside of the car white. They shut their eyes, slapped their hands over their faces, turned away from the big flash, and ducked their heads down as low as they could.

Once the bright white flash faded, Alice and Tony looked out the driver’s side window and saw nothing but bright red spots dancing in front of their eyes. A few moments later the red spots cleared to reveal a giant fireball that seemed to fill the night sky. The fireball rose and formed a massive orange and purple mushroom cloud. There was an earth and ground shaking boom, and the roar of the explosion thundered across the barren wilderness shaking the car and all three of its occupants. The explosion’s shock wave created a huge wind storm that rattled the car, slapped their faces, and frightened the lonely trio until their hearts pounded hard and made them gasp for air.

The giant mushroom of fire and smoke was so big and so bright it looked like it was going to hit its head on the ceiling of illuminated storm clouds. The clouds suddenly parted and formed an orange halo as if fear and awe had scared them away so that the monster could grow and sail into space trailing its ugly stem behind it. At one point, Tony thought he could see a pair of nightmare eyes peering out from the top of the mushroom’s hideous gaze. He was reminded of the imaginary shapes he saw in daytime clouds on a sunny day.

“Don’t look,” said Alice. “It’s the end of the world.”

“If this is the end of the world, I want to see it,” said Tony.

Fritz stared out the window and said, “My dear lady, it is not the end of the world, but the world will never be the same again.” 

My fourth children's book is about a ten-year old girl caught in the middle of a changing family life over which she has little control. She had no control over the divorce of her parents, the death of her grandmother, or the impending separation of her mother and stepfather. But Carren Dailey has hurt her grandfather’s feelings with a mean remark at Grandma’s funeral. The remark was very unlike Carren, and what follows is the year in her life that she spends mustering the courage to apologize to the old man and to show what a kind caring young lady that she really is.

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The Dove and the Lone Eagle

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Fritz is back, and he's following Charles Lindbergh across the Atlantic, non stop from New York to Paris.

The smart little white dove flies to Little Falls Minnesota just in time to save little Charles and his family from a house fire. From that moment on, Fritz watches over young Charles all the way through life until his historic landing in Paris.

Read the first chapter below.

Chapter 1

Outside Little Falls, Minnesota, August 6, 1905

Fritz was flying a hundred feet above the dark landscape. The little dove looked like a snowflake against the black summer night sky as he soared and swooped above the fields. Suddenly a gust of slightly warmer air surprised him from below. Being the expert flyer and navigator that he was, Fritz was very sensitive to changes in the air around him. This change in temperature and pressure signaled trouble to the little bird, but where was the extra heat coming from? As he circled the land below, Fritz noticed smoke coming from the roof of a farm house. As he flew closer to the house, an orange glow could be seen inside a window of the third story. The house was on fire!

Fritz flew down to peer through a first-floor window and saw a plump woman wearing a white cap and apron standing over a cook stove. He landed on the window sill and pecked his beak against the glass. The woman turned to frown at Fritz, then came out the kitchen door to shoo him away.

Fritz shouted at her, “COOO! COOOO!”

In a matter of seconds, the woman heard the fire crackling above and behind her. She turned, gasped, and ran back inside. From outside, Fritz could hear her say in a calm but loud voice, “Mrs. Lindbergh, the house is on fire.”

A few moments later, the rest of the household including a man, his wife, their son, and a nurse maid came running out the side door. The boy sprinted across the yard and disappeared behind the barn. The family nurse maid ran after him and shouted, “Charles, come back. Come back.” When she caught up with him, she held his hand while they and the rest of the family looked around the corner of the barn at the awful sight of their home burning. Fritz perched in a nearby tree and watched the little family and the maid huddle together. Except for a few clothes, books and trinkets they grabbed on their way out, they had little else but the clothes on their backs. Fritz watched horrified as the flames and smoke filled every window and every doorway.

The house was still fairly new. The Lindbergh family had just moved in during the summer of 1901. It was a very elegant house, but it was all wood, including the exterior weather boarding, the interior wall paneling, and the wood floors. When the fire started, all that varnished and painted wood burned very fast. After the fire destroyed the entire house down to the foundation the air was full of the smell of burned wood, fabric and food. When it was over, there was nothing left but the brick chimney, a clay idol that Mrs. Lindbergh had bought during a trip to Mexico, and the steel basement washtub filled with ashes.

Mrs. Lindbergh held Charles close to her and said, “Don’t worry. Father will build us a new house.”

Charles Lindbergh was only three years old when his home burned, but the experience was made less scary by the presence of his family. Twenty-two years later he would be all alone in another scary situation – alone over the Atlantic Ocean.

Planet Ocean

Imagine two boys building a  rocket ship and flying  it into space. If that sounds fantastic, you should see what lies in store for Eric Clay after his father and the rest of the crew of the great submarine Cyclops go missing. Eric and his family stand on the threshold of the greatest adventure of all time. But how much adventure can one family endure? Find out in this high adventure in deep space and deep ocean.

For kids of all ages. . . 9 - 100!

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I absolutely loved the book! It presents such a great dilemma for young adults to think about critically: drop everything and go live on another planet or stay on planet Earth and try to make it better. I had a tough time putting the book down, as I wanted to know what happened in the end! I would highly recommend to any student who has big dreams, whether that be traveling to the depths of the ocean or to outer space.

Marcia B.

Albert's Light-Beam

Why can’t you go faster than the speed of light?

How do you explain E=MC2?

Why does time slow down the faster you fly through space? 

The answers are all here in this fantasy dialogue between a little boy named Albert Einstein, his little sister Maja, and a talking white dove named Fritz.

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Note: Adult Content

In 1889 two men rode out into the night to murder and butcher an Indiana farm family. After almost a hundred years, the dead have come back to haunt the innocent.

Bill, Diane Barnes, and their daughter Mary have moved into a house built on the sight of the old massacre, and they have brought a haunted past to a haunted house. It involves this lifetime and two previous lifetimes.

One man, John McCauley, can help them. But John has a haunted past too, and it involves his relationship with the man who ordered the old mass murder.

Based on a real life spirit channeling.

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Children With White Knuckles

Note: Adult Content

Children With White Knuckles tells about the mad love affair between a handsome man, a beautiful woman, the birth of an adorable baby daughter, and two grandparents stuck on the sidelines wondering how it all went so wrong.

This is not about children but about adults who have survived childhood and are still haunted by the sins of their elders.

If you care about all our children even after they’re grown, this is your story.

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In the year 2020, the world changed forever. 

Below is a story of how one little girl and her family survived the Covid pandemic. 

We have a vaccine for it now, but there is skepticism about how well it works. 

Maybe we should all reflect on how life was before the vaccine.